Welcome to The Caring Board!

We’re a non-profit launching in the summer of 2021. We work to improve the personal caregiving experience.

Join our First Initiative!

If you currently or previously cared for a family member or friend and lead an organization, tell us about your work! Add your organization to our directory of organizations led by family caregivers and former family caregivers.


Coming soon:

We will accredit caregiving leadership and development training programs, certify caregiving advocates, consultants, educators and facilitators. As our profession grows, we’ll add additional certifications.



Coming soon:

We will provide subject matter experts for brands and for the media. We’ll also match former and current family caregivers start-ups and other organizations in need of caregiving advisory board members.


We began advocacy initiatives this year through our sister organization, The Caregiving Years Training Academy. We’re formatting our efforts through our The Caring Board, a non-profit we will form this summer.

Our advocacy efforts inspired an article published on The New Republic website on June 17, 2021. Read Why Don’t We Pay Family Caregivers What They’re Owned?

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